Thursday, June 1, 2017

Little things

Sometime last year, Anna Helt started selling stablemate scale western saddle trees and, since I love making stablemate tack, I thought, "why not?" and bought a couple.
Well, they have been sitting in a drawer for many months, until a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to do something about it.

And so, began the remaking of patterns, endless skiving, cutting and dying...
At first, I was somewhat apprehensive about trying something completely new in a scale that offers plenty of challenges.
Well, I was quite pleased with how easily everything came together.
Of course it's not perfect, very rarely when you try new things do you get it just right the first time.
Another one of the challenges of making this set, was using normal tooling leather, when I'm used to using skiver. I did a bit of stamping and attempted a little tooling, most of it was lost by the time the saddle was complete, but it did lend some nice details which I'm proud of.
Bridles are always a bit of a pain to make, I used some leather that doesn't match the saddle exactly, but it still looks nice.
One last thing worth mentioning, for the first time I tried adjustable stirrups in this scale, and it was a success.

I'm excited to start turning out some more mini tack in the near future, Breyerfest is right around the corner and I hope to have a sizeable inventory of sales pieces ready.

Hope to see you at Breyerfest! -Maddy

Monday, April 3, 2017

OF Performance - ATPP

Wow, I still haven't shared these photos from February, whoops :o
Well lets get right to it.
OF Performance started with the Other Performance division, first class, Harness/Parade.
The only entry, owned by Jenny Arsuaga

Costume, first place went to my Halloween Costume entry,

Second to this gorgeous Stone..
Next class, Arabian costume, I believe this took second,
 First place, and reserve Other performance went to this gorgeous PAM
 Other performance Champion went to my horse, JB's Fly By Boy!
Now for OF English performance, starting with pleasure, I didn't keep track of the placings, my horse took 1st but I didn't get a photo, so here are the two other entries.

 Hunter/Jumper, my horse Shotgun rider took second.
I didn't get photos of Other English, but I took first. This horse took English Reserve Champ,
 And my horse took Champ!
Now for Western, first class was pleasure, I had no entry but these are the placings,

Western Trail, first place to my horse Shotgun Rider
Other western, Shotgun Rider took first again but no photo, JB's Fly By Boy took third.
In Western Callbacks, my Shotgun Rider took Champ.
Overall OF performance callbacks...

Overall Reserve, JB's Fly By Boy!
 And Overall champion, Shotgun Rider! I was so proud of my horses!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Custom Performance - ATPP

As hard as I try to document the performance classes at shows, I always end up missing entries... none the less, I did the best I could so I wanted to share the photos with you!

Custom Performance is first, starting with the Other Division.

 There were no entries for Parade/Harness, so we started with Other Costume, first place went to my Halloween costume contest entry,
Purdy Much Broke
Second place went to Taylor Joplin,

Third place, Jill Aman and her amazing costume

Unfortunately I got distracted in the halter rings and missed the Arabian Costume class, Jill Aman had a couple of amazing set ups!

Next class was Other performance, I was the only entry, so my Indian Relay racing entry placed 1st and won Reserve Champ of Other Performance.

Now onto Custom English, first up, English Pleasure . First place went to Foxy Freddy owned by Jennifer Arsuaga(didn't get a photo), Second went to me with Blue Flame. I both painted the horse and made the tack!

Hunter/Jumper, I took first, Jennifer took second, but I only have a photo of mine.

Other English, Jennifer took first,
I took second,
And Reserve English Champ! 
Finally, western! First class was Western Pleasure, but I didn't have an entry and forgot to photograph the other entries. Next class was Trail, I took first!
Other western, I had three entries, I took first..
And Fourth, with a very last minute entry.
Custom performance call backs...

 I can't remember who got Reserve, but I got Champion! I was beyond thrilled!

Hopefully there are some Performance junkies out there that enjoyed this post, I know I always like when other people share performance photos.
Next post will be OF Performance!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Small Collection (literally.)

Gosh, it's been literally months since I've blogged. Sorry!!

Anyway, I think one of the most unappreciated scales is Micro Mini. I don't own many but recently added a new one to my collection... so I thought ya'll might want to see them. :)

First is one I think I got at Breyerfest a few years ago. He's a blind bag Mini Whinny who is kind of semi glossy, and I thought that was a cool variation. He might not be actually OF, but I still like him!

At my first MITS I got this guy in the raffle. He has quite a few flaws but they are hard to see without a nice camera lens or magnifying glass! 

I was able to get another blind bag mini whinny and pulled this guy, who I found pretty boring. For fun I  made him a small embroidery floss harness. It actually has a few NAN cards, but it's the only one in the class normally! :P

It's pretty crudely glued on, but I think it turned out nice.

My favorite and newest addition is RRS Shotgun Wedding, a Maggie Bennet Windswept painted by Alaina D.

He's really, really nice. I think I would go blind painting this!

I hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing all the photos of my micros! :) I might do a SM custom collection next, stay tuned for more posts!